by Tragic

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1st mixtape from Tragic


released 06 February 2013

The Hardtimes, RABE , Prometheus, Smoothbeats, PSbeats



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Tragic210 San Antonio, Texas

Vicious Living in San antonio texas.

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Track Name: The Bold
now you dont know me
im the silenced cry.
the youth without
set aside and forgotten
the unannounced king of nothing
ive wished on many a fallen star.

travesties to his majesty.
may the castle stones fall around your feet.

the sad king alone.
his throne his coffin.
as winter shadows shed.
and dawn nears
they speak of revolution
over throw the giant
over throw the giant , the tyrants
the gluttonous titans.
the greed machine drains its filth in the common mans streets.
unforgiving are they as is the nothing they give.
death and taxes all thats promised.
toll for the bridge.
mind washed.
soul imprisoned to the darkest depths of your own success
only regret
a mere puppet
the bold

they say fortune favors the bold but the last six nights ive been up dreaming about somewhere cold what does it mean should i leave receed my union with texas and repeat with a sad discreet cry that i dont know why things arnt the same as they were yesterday. balance in a world full of hatred. mismatched heart beats take leaps on busy streets. i cant find peace. but just know that these beats help me sleep. untitled discreet rittled in the streets is the innocent blood the higher ups could care less. may your towers fall. feel it in your chest the indirect disrespect distessed and in need of a helping hand. climbing the ladder just a little bit faster you tell yourself its just but deep inside you know. that sins never fade away. they peek around bends and corners and wait for your weakest moments the saddest days. late at night you might feel the shame. you did what u had to. but the road to hell is paved in good intentions. memories of your darkest moments. the bold moves that mold you. impossible atonement. there is no atonement